Certification In Financial Crime Investigation And Forensic Accounting

Category: Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

Overview of the Certification

This certification program is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills for effective financial crime investigation and forensic accounting. Participants would be exposed to the economics of crime, various theories and schemes of financial crimes and the techniques that are designed to unravel financial crimes in various forms.

Target Participants

This certification is designed for internal auditors and control officers in across diverse industries from financial services industry to manufacturing, telecommunication and even the public sector. The certification will deepen the knowledge of undergraduates in management sciences, social sciences and humanities. Financial detectives in Police, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, The DSS, NIA will also find this certification deeply helpful in helping them to discharge their responsibility professionally and with confidence.

Course Syllabus


» 8 weeks

Membership of Professional Body

» Upon successfully passing the Certification Course, candidate will be admitted as an affiliate of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional Inc. USA subject to payment of appropriate affiliate membership fees.

What you will learn

  • Lesson 1: Economics of Crime
  • Lesson 2: Financial Crimes
  • Lesson 3: Offshore Activities
  • Lesson 4: Evidence
  • Lesson 5: Net worth Theory
  • Lesson 6: Expenditure Theory
  • Lesson 7: Scenario Case
  • Lesson 8: RICO Net Worth Solution
  • Lesson 9: Tax Net Worth Solution
  • Lesson 10: RICO Expenditure Solution
  • Lesson 11: Tax Expenditure Solution
  • Lesson 12: Organized Crime
  • Lesson 13: Trial Preparation and Testimony
  • Lesson 14: Accounting and Audit Techniques
  • Lesson 15: Sources of Information
  • Lesson 16: Wagering and Gambling
  • Lesson 17: Fraud Prevention for Consumers
  • Lesson 18: Fraud Prevention for Businesses
  • Lesson 19: Money Laundering
  • Lesson 20: Interviewing
  • Lesson 21: Banking and Finance
  • Lesson 22: Reports and Case Files
  • Lesson 23: Audit Programs
  • Lesson 24: Seizures and Forfeitures
  • Lesson 25: Judicial System
  • Lesson 26: Criminology
  • Lesson 27: Physical Security
  • Lesson 28: Search Warrants
  • Lesson 29: Computer Crimes
  • Lesson 30: Fraud Examiner