Certification In Forensic Accounting Investigations

Category: Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

Target Participants

This certification is designed to provide the required skills knowledge for accounting professionals, university undergraduate in accounting, internal auditors, external auditors, systems auditors and graduates who desire to have the fundamental knowledge of computer and digital forensics to enhance their job opportunities. This certification is of great benefits to individuals working as investigative officers in any of the Government anti-corruption agencies and Police Officers with responsibility for investigating cyber-crimes and web fraud cases. Furthermore, this certification is also very useful for business owners and entrepreneurs running their businesses. It equips the entrepreneur with the knowledge of computer and digital forensic languages and terms and helps the business owner to have a clearer picture of the implications of driving their business with IT and how to give their business a new direction in terms of their IT policy. Furthermore, this satisfy one of the key knowledge required to proceed to obtaining further certifications in forensic investigations and ultimately attain the elite qualification in forensic investigation as a Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

If you are accounting professionals, university undergraduate in accounting, management sciences and social sciences, internal auditors, external auditors, systems auditors and graduates who desire to have the fundamental knowledge of computer and digital forensics to enhance their job opportunities, then, this Certification is for you. If you work with any of the Government Anti-Corruption Agencies, or you are a police officer charged with investigating computer fraud and web crimes, then this program is for you. We encourage you to apply now.

Course Syllabus


» 8 weeks

Membership of Professional Body

» Upon successfully passing the Forensic Accounting Investigations Certification Course, candidate will be admitted as an affiliate of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional Inc. USA subject to payment of appropriate affiliate membership fees.

What you will learn

  • Lesson 1: Fraud: An Introduction
  • Lesson 2. The Roles of the Auditor and the Forensic Accounting
  • Lesson 3. Psychology of the Fraudster
  • Lesson 4. Financial Reporting Fraud and the Capital Markets
  • Lesson 5. Auditor Responsibilities and the Law
  • Lesson 6. Independence, Objectivity, Skepticism
  • Lesson 7. Forensic Investigations and Financial Audits: Compare and Contrast
  • Lesson 8. Potential Red Flags and Fraud Detection Techniques
  • Lesson 9. Internal Audit: The Second Line of Defense
  • Lesson 10. Financial Statement Fraud: Revenue and Receivables
  • Lesson 11. Financial Statement Fraud: Other Schemes and Misappropriations
  • Lesson 12. When and Why to Call In Forensic Accounting Investigators
  • Lesson 13. Teaming with Forensic Accounting Investigators
  • Lesson 14. Potential Missteps: Considerations When Fraud Is Suspected
  • Lesson 15. Investigative Techniques
  • Lesson 17. Background Investigations
  • Lesson 18. The Art of the Interview
  • Lesson 19. Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Lesson 20. Data Mining: Computer-Aided Forensic Accounting Investigation Techniques
  • Lesson 21. Building a Case: Gathering and Documenting Evidence
  • Lesson 22. Supporting a Criminal
  • Lesson 23. Report of Investigation
  • Lesson 24. Working with Attorneys
  • Lesson 25. Conducting Global Investigations
  • Lesson 27. Other Dimensions of Forensic Accounting
  • Lesson 28. Looking Forward: The Future of Forensic Accounting Investigation