Certification in Investigative Accounting

Category: Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

Target Participants

This certification is designed to provide the required skills knowledge in Investigative Accounting to individuals working as investigative officers in any of the Government anti-corruption agencies and Police Officers with responsibility for investigating fraud, financial crimes and the investigation of Financial Statements of Publicly Listed Firms. This Certification is also essential for regulatory institutions such as the Stock Exchanges, Central Banks, Securities and Exchange Commissions, Insurance Regulators and Financial Reporting regulatory Councils of different countries in the West Africa Sub Region. It also provides essential skills to Tax Auditors working with either the State revenue Board or the Federal Revenue Board. The content of this Certification will significantly enhance the skills of Customs Revenue Officers and professionals with responsibility for Revenue Assurance and Income Audit in their companies. This Certification Course will also be very useful to accounting professionals, legal practitioners, university undergraduates in accounting, internal auditors, external auditors, systems auditors and graduates who desire to have the fundamental knowledge of Investigative Accounting to enhance their current on-the-job performance or to prepare for a career change to new institutions. Furthermore, this satisfy one of the key knowledge required to proceed to obtaining further certifications in forensic investigations and ultimately attain the elite qualification in forensic investigation as a Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP).

If you work with any of the Regulatory Agencies, Government Anti-Corruption Agencies, or you are a police officer charged with investigating financial statements, then this program is for you. Also, if you are accounting professionals, legal practitioners, university undergraduate in accounting, internal auditors, external auditors, systems auditors and graduates who desire to have the fundamental knowledge of Investigative Accounting to enhance their on-the-job performance or seeking fresh opportunities for a career change, then, this Certification is for you. We encourage you to apply now.

Course Syllabus


» 8 weeks

Membership of Professional Body

» Upon successfully passing the Investigation Law Certification Course, candidate will be admitted as an affiliate of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professional Inc. USA subject to payment of appropriate affiliate membership fees.

What you will learn

The IA certification comprises 18 short but effective modules ranging from introduction to forensic and investigative accounting, fraudulent financial reporting and encompasses other skills such as how to detect fraud in financial reporting, income reconstruction, internet forensic analysis and business valuations among other knowledge and skill sets to be acquired.
The detailed syllabus is presented as follows:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Forensic and Investigative Accounting
  • Module 2 - Forensic Accounting Education, Institutions and Specialties
  • Module 3 - Fraudulent Financial Reporting
  • Module 4 - Detecting Fraud in Financial Reporting
  • Module 5 - Employee Fraud: The Misappropriation of Assets
  • Module 6 - Indirect Methods of Reconstructing Income
  • Module 7 - Money Laundering and Transnational Financial Flows.
  • Module 8 - Indirect Methods of Reconstructing Income
  • Module 9 - Proper Evidence Management
  • Module 10 - Commercial Damages
  • Module 11 – Litigation Support in Special Situations
  • Module 12 - Computing Economic Damages
  • Module 13 - Computer Forensics
  • Module 14 - Internet Forensics Analysis: Profiling the Cybercriminal
  • Module 15 - Cybercrime Management: Legal Issues
  • Module 16 - Cybercrime Loss Valuations
  • Module 17 - Business Valuations
  • Module 18 - Forensic Accounting in Action